Interactive appearance for Acrea AG

Creation of a modern, contemporary appearance paired with interactive web elements and modern typography.

Modern web presence

Acrea combines technology expertise with years of experience in the finance and insurance industry and helps companies with their digital transformation. A stylistically appropriate web presence is a must.


- Web design with online concept

- Implementation/development in Concrete5 CMS

- Sitemap Workshop

- Design of illustrations, icons and graphics

Project facts


Acrea AG, Zurich

Project duration Projektdauer‍

2 months

Focus on typography

In the conception and design of the new website, the focus was on elegant, simple typography with a focus on content. Simple, easy to understand texts guide the visitor through the website and explain the services. The typographic approach gives space and at the same time shows competence and efficiency.

The blog part of the website was very important in the conception. It was deliberately designed so that the content and images can be easily created and maintained, and at the same time they are elegantly embedded in the layout of the website.


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