Mobile App Design for the Startup Your Robert

Mobile App Design for the startup "Dein Robert" - your personal assistant. He cleans your apartment in your absence.


The young start-up had a brilliant idea: the creation of your personal assistant. Comfortably from the app, you control what your assistant does in your absence. He cleans your apartment, takes your laundry to the cleaners or does the shopping for you.


- App Workshop with concept

- First user experience suggestions for the implementation

- Interface design & interactive mockups

Project facts


App Workshop on behalf of InnoTix AG

Project duration

1 month


In several small workshops the concept and the mockups were created. The focus was on the user experience. The application should be easy to understand and simple to use. The focus of the interface design was on an OS-neutral structure, as the app was later to be implemented with a framework that served iOS and Android equally.

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