Online booking and administration tool

User Experience Design for a portal solution for mobile reservation of centrally administered training days with calendar overview and administration area.


Hilti Schweiz AG offers training boxes which can be ordered by trainers and used for training. For years, this process, including dates and delivery times, was managed in a complicated Excel file. Slowly the time had come to replace the oversized Excel file, which had reached its limits. In cooperation with Hilti an administration and booking tool was developed, which covers the process completely.


- Concept and user experience design for trainers and administrators

- Interface design

Project facts


InnoTix AG on behalf of Hilti Switzerland

Project duration

3-4 months

Training material for trainers

Strictly speaking, the training boxes are not boxes, but huge Euro pallets. This results in complex transport logistics, which is the basis of the whole process. In addition, the training material has to be refilled after a training session, which leads to unavoidable pre- and post-travel times. The previous solution with a split Excel file full of markers could no longer keep up with the complex requirements and resulted in a high administrative effort for scheduling. In addition, the Excel was very error-prone.

User Experience Design of the web application

The administration and booking tool is role-controlled. This means that the administrator and the trainer use the same backend - on desktop and mobile devices. The roles and their functionalities were defined and developed in several User Centered Design Workshops. This resulted in interactive mockups which could be verified by users and developers before the application was programmed. This ensured that all wishes and requirements for the new portal were fulfilled. This minimizes the need for later adjustments.

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