Save lives with the StrokeClock iPad app

Saving lives with an iPad app - The StrokeClock app is used in the emergency room - worldwide. Tablet application for optimizing internal processes and quality assurance in emergency situations.

The StrokeClock in use

For patients treated in the emergency ward after a stroke, literally every minute counts. This phase will decide which long-term damage remains or can be prevented. It is extremely important to continuously improve this process from diagnosis to anesthesia in order to save patient lives.


- Concept and user experience design for the iOS iPad app

- Interface design

- Design of illustrations, icons and graphics

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Project facts


Neurocentre Inselspital Bern


Native iOS App for iPad
Web-Cockpit for data analysis

Project duration:
approx. 1 year

The solution: Development of an iPad App

What is the best way to log the duration between individual stations? And what is the best way to analyze this data? The solution is an iPad app which we developed on behalf of the Inselspital Bern. According to predefined and freely configurable stations, the time can be changed at the push of a button - the rest happens automatically. After the measurement is completed, the data is synchronized to a central system for later analysis. For this purpose, a web application was developed which manages the registered iPads and analyses the data. If desired, even a worldwide data comparison is possible.

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StokeClock App also available for Android

After first practical experience with the iOS version, the app will also be developed for Android. This ensures that important processes are optimized and tested in practice before they are developed on other platforms. Another advantage: Lowest possible development costs. The app for iOS available for free.

The idea behind the StrokClock

TV contribution at SRF

TV report on Swiss Television from 19.08.2019

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