Employee communication in public transport

Interaction and usability design of the iPad app for digital employee communication in public transport on behalf of InnoTix AG


Digitisation is also making great strides forward in public transport. Interface and user experience design of an iPad app for digital employee communication in public transport on behalf of InnoTix - the provider of digital solutions in public transport.


- User Interface and User Experience Design of the iPad iOS App
- User Centered Design (UCD) Workshops together with public transport
- Development of user flow concepts
- Support for the developer team in UI and UX questions


- Website about the public transport pad

- Demo App for iOS

Project facts


InnoTix AG - Digitalisation in public transport

Website about the public transport pad


- iPad app

Project duration

Since 2014 - today
Part of it as an employee of InnoTix AG

App Users

Over 10500 app users per day

UI and UX design in public transport

The public transport pad is the interface for communication with transport service employees - regardless of where they are located. More than 10,000 employees use this work tool every day. The information must be immediately accessible and comprehensible. A well thought-out usability and an intuitive interface design is essential.

In an iterative design process, individual modules and components were conceived and designed for the existing requirements. Over the years more and more interfaces and functionalities were added. In the meantime, the iPad App has become the central solution for the transport service and for many public transport companies it is no longer possible to imagine the everyday life without it.

iOS Native Design

It was a fundamental decision to stay as close as possible to Apple's Human Interface Design Guideline. Not only did the driver's assistant immediately feel at home with the app, but it was also ensured that the user interface could be implemented efficiently over many years and new iOS versions.

Continuous development of the App

The app has grown rapidly since its launch in 2014 and has provided many public transport companies in Switzerland, Germany and Italy with valuable services in the digital transformation and securing of communication with transport service employees. In the meantime, the app comprises more than 15 modules. Further modules are already being planned.

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iPad App with modular structure

An interface design was created for the following modules and wizards:

- News

- e-learning

- Documents

- Messaging

- Video and picture gallery

- My service

- Electronic logbook

- Accident Wizard

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