Digital encyclopedia for whales and dolphins

User experience and interface design of an interactive, digital encyclopedia app for the well-known whale and dolphin expert Ralf Kiefner

A digital encyclopedia

Discover the fascinating world of whales and dolphins with this comprehensive and detailed app for iOS and Android. An innovative user experience guides through the various information and helps with a specially designed finder that specifically identifies the different species of whales and dolphins.


- Concept and user experience for iOS App

- Timeless interface design

- Design of illustrations, icons and graphics

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The apps are available in the Google Playstore (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS)

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Project facts


- Ralf Kiefner, Ocean Pix

Available platforms

- iOS App for iPad and iPhone
- Android App (Portrait)

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Xtendum GmbH (Implementation)

Innovative user experience concept

Through the native implementation for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android and the development of special control elements a maximum user experience and usability was achieved.

The directly integrated, interactive finder allows a quick identification of the animals based on specific characteristics. For example by size, colour or distribution areas on a modern, interactive map.

Ralf Kiefner is a well-known whale and dolphin expert, whose book "Whales and Dolphins, Worldwide" has been translated into 5 languages and is generally considered a "must have" by whale watchers. The photos and video clips used in the app have been collected over the course of more than 20 years. The comprehensive library is constantly being expanded.

Development first for iOS

The entire usability concept was first developed and implemented completely for iOS. Afterwards the concept was ported to Android. By concentrating on one operating system at the beginning, costs were saved, especially in bugfixing and the continuous improvement of the UX concept.

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Over 68 species of whales and dolphins

The app describes 68 species of whales and dolphins in an entertaining way and contains as much information as a good book, but offers much more. For each species there is a Quick-ID, complete description, information about behaviour, diving behaviour, food, reproduction, possible hot spots, interesting facts, popular names, key figures, information about taxonomy, scientific name and distribution areas, including GPS connection.

Innovative App Features

The best features of the iPhone and iPad app:

- Lexicon with over 68 whale and dolphin species

- InApp purchase of additional images and videos

- Interactive maps with GPS connection

- Glossary & Patterns

- Interactive finder (whales and dolphins can be identified according to certain characteristics)

- Picture gallery with over 200 spectacular photos and videos

Whaleguide App - simply explained

Short, concise explanation video using the tablet app (in German).

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